Happily ~ Del 30

"What do you think I'm doing?" Jag skrattade med honom, lite frustrerat.
"You know that the car has a door right?" Frågade han lite försiktigt. "Oh, right.." Sakta klättrade jag tillbaka för att sedan använda dörren. 
Zayn placerade sin han på min som jag hade lagt på mitt lår.
"Would you like to do something, with me?" Frågade han nästan lika försiktigt som tidigare. "Yes, of course Zaynie" 
Destiny's Perspektiv.

"Mom.? Can I maybe, possibly ask you a question?" Min röst darrade lätt och jag tuggade mig nervöst i underläppen då min mor, som satt i sin favoritfotölj inne i vardagsrummet. Hon tittade vaksamt på mig över kanten på sina läsglasögon.
"What is it now, Destiny?" Hon lät lite irriterad, vilket fick mig att hoppa till en aning. 
"Oh, um, right... I uh, I... You know, that um... That grounded-thing I have right now, isn't it a bit... Um, a bit weird? I'm an adult, after all."
"An adult who's blabbering a lot at the moment, and have been out drinking even though you in reality shouldn't." Hon såg ner i boken igen, och då  insåg jag hur besviken mamma nog var på mig just då, och jag förstod precis varför också. Jag drog ett djupt andetag.
"I know, I'm really, really sorry for that. It's just - I uh, I might've been asked out for a little while. Now. I mean, a few hours ago, but he's kind off going to get over here like.. Um, in half an hour." Min mamma lade ifrån sig boken på soffbordet, böjde sig lätt fram och spände ögonen i mig.
"Destiny, darling. I don't really get how you're thinking if you say yes to something like that, even though you know I've-"
"I know, mom! I know, I know I've upset you really badly. But you know what? I hated the taste of alcohol, I will most likely never drink again - you know me that well, don't you? I couldn't think clearly, I was just so distressed because of my broken heart.."
"Broken heart, darling?" Min mor verkade nu lite mer förvirrad än arg.
"Ashton've moved to Australia with his family, so he broke up with me, alright? It hurted really bad when he told me that. A-And now, I just wanted to, try again you know?" Jag suckade tyst. "I get it if you say no, though.. I'd be pretty mad if I were you as well..!" Jag valde att försöka göra scenen lite överdramatisk, och vände mig frustrerat om.
"Darling, why didn't you tell me? Even if I want you to be able to go out today, you can't." Jag suckade irriterat och började gå i väg. "Because we're invited over to the Payne's for dinner. Liam's coming back to Wolverhampton, so I figured you two could... Talk." Jag stirrade på henne. Hon kunde inte mena det. Liam fucking Payne var tillbaka, igen..?
Louis perspektiv.
"Oh my god, my head hurts so fucking much, kill me now." Jag inspekterade London noga, varje ord hon utalade var fyllda med hat och smärta. "Come on babe, you weren't that drunk." Hon öppnade ögonen och kollade irriterat mot mig. "I hate you, And I hate Brooke for leaving me here with you, And you know what, I hate Destiny for being so fucking in love with Liam, because that's why I am sitting here with you." 
"And it all leads back to me," Hon suckade frustrerat och himlade lite lätt med ögonen. "I know why you hate me. I'm the only guy that makes you feel anything. But it's okey babe." London stängde ögonen och vände sig bort från mig. Om hon hade varit någon annan hade hon rodnat nu, men det är själva grejen. Hon är ingen annan, hon är London, London Appleton.
"The only reason why you hooked up with that guy yeasterday was because you wanted to feel something else. You like the feeling when other people adore you, when they are affraid of you or when they like your body." Tystnaden spred sig över rummet.
"I know that you like me, that's what you told me last night before you kissed me. You wanted me so bad London." Jag vet inte varför jag sa så, hon hade egentligen bara skrikit på mig.
"Louis, who do you think I am? I would never, ever, EVER have sex with someone like YOU. Don't you get it? You are just a celebrity whose fame has began to get over your head.. You think that you can have everything just because of who you are. But that's not true. So can you please leave me alone now before I'll kill you. Believe me, I'd loved to." 
"And by the way, stop calling me 'babe', it is so cheesy."
"Oh, London. You know you like me, you're just trying to ignore the fact yourself..!" Jag lutade mig lätt mot henne, och för ett svagt ögonblick verkade hon faktiskt lite.. Nervös.
"No, Louis. Stop it. I don't want to hear more of you trying to say that I'm the one crushing. You're just trying to hide the fact that you literally love me, with teasing me. It doesn't really work, you know..!" Hon reste sig upp. "Now, if you excuse me. I've got to call one of my best fucking friends and listen to her crying over that she probably knows the fact that Liam Payne is coming back, or that my borther probably almost raped her or whatever... And then, I'm going to call my other best friend and scream at her for leaving me alone here. Good day." Wow.

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